Bassment Sessions 11_21_13: Sam Jaspersohn

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This week’s edition of Bassment Sessions is going to NYC! For the first hour of the show journey to NYC with “Luke Hunter & SpinnZinn” doing a B2B set at “TBA in Brooklyn”. The set was recorded during SpinnZinn’s birthday weekend. Very few pictures from that weekend….And we all know what that means :p



For the second part of the show, we are proud to bring you Sam Jaspersohn! The man behind Jyre Recre who’s making moves in the underground scene of NYC.

Jyre_Artist_Sam_W copy

Sam Jaspersohn seeks to create, inspire and visualize through music.

Growing up in the Green Mountains of Northern Vermont, Jaspersohn fell in love with electronic music and bands such as Daft Punk, the Chemical Brothers and Massive Attack. Later, he was introduced to artists including Sasha, John Digweed, and Damian Lazarus. He began recording his own house and techno music at age fifteen, and discovered his gift for creating fresh sounds and beat patterns—a talent that has shaped his signature style.

Jaspersohn has a restless, imaginative mind—and he channels that vivid chaos and bright turmoil into his creative endeavors. The result is Jyre Records: founded on the principle that music and visual arts are spiritually connected, mutually inspiring, and not to be separated. Expect an evolving sound that embraces warmth and darkness from Jyre Records and its artists.

A resident of New York City for 8 years, Jaspersohn recently opened for Momentum featuring Pan-Pot and is a regular fixture at NYC’s Momentum and Rite of Wednesday’s parties at TBA Brooklyn. He has played additional dates in 2012/13 for Clubber’s Guide New York, Massive Groove, Twice as Proper, Bar 13, Karma Lounge, Electronic Rhythm and Global Mixx Radio.

Jyre Records recently celebrated their one-year anniversary in September 2013 at TBA Brooklyn. Jyre and friends will be hosting Owen Howells in January 2014 for his upcoming North American tour. Lots more to come in an exciting 2014!






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