Bassment Sessions 2_13_14: Re Dupre & Prince

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Re Dupre, owner of PopArt, Miami Underground Records & Miami Sessions Records, is one of the most creative music producers at the moment in the Brazilian scene. World top producers like Carl Cox, Mark Knight, Fedde Le Grand, Adam K, Alex Kenji, Sultan & Ned Shepard, Oliver Klein, Anderson Noise, AudioJack, and Format B recognize the talent of this young artist (26), charting, playing or talking about his tracks.

Re Dupre has made remixes for important artists like Dirty Vegas, Gui Boratto, Adam K, AKA AKA, Jon Rundell, Ferreck Dawn, Lissat & Voltaxx, D-Nox & Beckers, Paolo Mojo, Glenn Morrison, and Ludovic Vendi, and also had his creations remixed by artists like Umek, Steve Mulder, Eric Entrena, Andrea Roma, The Junkies, and Leland Mcwilliams, among others.

He began his career at age 18, and in a very short time he has been pointed out as one of the Brazilian biggest talents in electronic scene, releasing in the main labels at the time, like Hotfingers, 303 Lovers, Harem, DJ Series, Noise Music, Noir Music, Flow Vinyl, Hugh Recordings, Sound Of Acapulco, Recovery House, Incorrect Music, Dirty Players, Klimaks, Aenaria Music, Adapt Recordings, etc, and, after that, he remains unique among most others. He’s an inspired producer, with innovative grooved bass and ideas diffused with modern melodies, which provide an amazing atmosphere on the dance floor.




Prince L


Born in the Bronx with a Dominican background, Prince.L has always been into music all his life. Having love for all types of music and having that boogie down Bronx groove in his soul he knows how to get the dance floor moving at any time. But only his productions and live gigs can really say what he is about. Currently signed to LTHM(Listen To House Music) and many more labels coming soon! But until then just Lay Back and Vibe to the Beat.


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