This week on Bassment Sessions we
are10906351_10152977585276530_3932474760983696885_n happy to welcome a
new guest, Uniform,
to Uniform is the newest addition to Typ3 Records’ artists. In December 2014, his release TYP3-008 ELSEWHERE wrapped up the label’s opening year. Uniform will be opening Bassment Sessions this evening with a studio mix he put together for the show. After we welcome him to our Bassment Sessions family we will have Luke Hunter and your host SpinnZinn’s set from Incubation: Art Basel to gear you up for the Bassment Sessions Live edition on January
22nd at Shots Miami.

Uniform grew up in South Florida inspired my his older brother Dave, he began djing in 1997. He would hit the dj store every wednesday where they would get new vinyl in to build up a nice arsenal of wax, many of which he still has today. Influenced by record
labels like Hooj Choons, Rhythm Syndicate Records and Platipus.
Presented with this new Burning-Man_square-1024x1024underground world of music, Uniform quickly found himself engulfed into an audible journey that he would ride, interpret, analyze and perfect to create his sound along the way. Naturally evolving from simply djing to writing tracks, he found himself at home in his studio where he pretty much lives happily committed to creating tunes that make your ass dance.


“There’s a lot of shit out there, but you got to dig deep to find the hidden gems. Thats all part of the fun. Happy digging.”

Your host SpinnZinn and Bassment Sessions resident Luke Hunter would like to invite you to the next event at Shots Miami, Bassment Sessions Live, and hope that you enjoy their set from Incubation: Art Basel, hosted at Shots in December. Check out Luke Hunter’s New Years release on Typ3 Records TYP3-009 THRU THE WALL on

For more information about your Bassment Sessions host SpinnZinn:

For more information about Luke Hunter:


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