Philip Chedid

Philip Chedid

Philip Chedid is a producer/DJ and lives in Miami, Florida. Listen to his Vektra Compilation Series​/Radio show on Soundcloud and Mixcloud, where he showcases some of his favourite tunes at the moment: @philipchedid | www.mi​xcloud​.com/p​hilipc​hedid
Philip also heads the imprint Vektra Recordings.

His passion for electronic music naturally progressed over the years, in the early days listening to the work of renowned DJs such as Oakenfold, Hernan Cattaneo, Sasha, Timo Maas, Ralph Emerson, Nick Warren, John Digweed, Sebo K, Save Seaman and Carl Cox. During his teenage years, Philip was an avid percus​sionist and drummer in various bands with his brother Julian and took on musical acts under the band name Elemental. While spending his holidays in Montreal, Philip was exposed to Montreal Dance players like 514 Produc​tions, Sona and Red Lite Afterhours. Over the years, he began working more frequently in the studio on original projec​tions, and further developed his sound engineering skills.

In 2010, Philip relocated to the Netherlands and studied law at Leiden. While living in Holland, Philip promoted his sound at festivals like the Amsterdam Dance Event and Tomorr​owland. Now, back in Miami, Philip continues to promote his eclectic electronic sound and has been gaining intern​ational support among DJs and Producers including Lowbit’s Erik Petterson, Perspective Digital’s Darin Epsilon and Sound Avenue’s Madlock. Philip has enjoyed residencies at some of Miami’s top nightclubs such as Treehouse, Vagabond, and Do Not Sit on the Furniture. 2015 looks to be a very busy year for Philip with studio productions and gigs.

Look out for original music by Philip Chedid on Beatport, Tracki​tdown, Itunes, Juno, and other digital stores.




Rabin and Tellier, both contributing to DAKAP independently but cohesively, were destined to collide from the beginning. The friendship they share, stemming from long before house music—let alone, DJing—was in the picture, has helped expedite the developments of the up-and-coming artists. These early, successful efforts of DAKAP demonstrate that the duo plans on making a long lasting impression on the landscape of today’s music scene.



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